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What is the advantage of flap turnstile with access control system

Flap Turnstile with access control system have many advantages during the projecting for smart entrance
1. Smart ticket checking to improve the efficiency of admission
Tourists can enter the park quickly by relying on ticket verification methods such as ticket purchase QR codes, ID cards or faces. Instead of cumbersome and error-prone manual ticket checking, the ticket checking system automatically reviews and releases, which increases the speed of admission, reduces congestion, and effectively eliminates fake tickets.
2. Identify multiple types of tickets
According to the marketing strategy or the type of tourists, the scenic spot will launch ticket types with different prices. Manual ticket checking is very difficult, resulting in low ticket checking efficiency and error-prone. For example, as described in the previous article, one ticket for multiple people and one ticket for multiple attraction gates are shared (swipe at the entrance of the scenic spot, or at small and medium attractions in the park), discounted tickets for the elderly, etc., smart gates can automatically identify the ticket type. Quickly review and release, and generate records and upload them to the ticketing system.
3. Real-time data statistics and report analysis
Through the ticketing system, it automatically counts the number of tickets, the ticket purchase channels, the peak of tourists entering the park, the comparison of passenger flow, and the attributes of tourists, etc., and forms a graphic report to provide data support for the decision-making operation of the scenic spot. Automatically count the number of tourists in the park through the gate ticket system, and display it to tourists in real time on a large screen to provide protection for the safety of scenic spots and tourists.
Advantages of using  Flap turnstile with access control
① The three-roller ticket gate has good waterproof performance. Most scenic spots are used for ticket checking in the open area. The main board of the ticket gate machine is a sophisticated electronic component. Water ingress can easily affect the operation of the entire ticket gate system. Compared with other three-roller gates, Better waterproof performance.
② Compared with other types of turnstiles, the three-roller gate has better anti-trailing function. The space between each rod of the three-roller gate is scientifically designed, which can only accommodate one person at a time to prevent trailing, pinching, etc., and to have better passenger flow management capabilities.
③ The three-roller ticket gate is more cost-effective and has strong scalability. In addition to its own IC, ID card, and two-dimensional code recognition, it can also extend face recognition, temperature measurement system, fingerprint recognition, etc. Combined with the ticketing system, more functions can be derived.
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