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Turnstile gate news

How to use flap barrier turnstile gate in different project

Basic Knowledge of turnstile gate
Many people may not know how to choose flap barrier turnstile gate, or even the types of access gates. we will give you a detailed introduction to the knowledge of smart access flap barrier turnstile gate

Smart channel gates can be roughly divided into three categories:

Tripod turnstile for access control system,Mechanism Flap Barrier Turnstile Gate and swing turnstile gate
. Smart Flap wing turnstile gate is an intelligent channel management equipment for non-contact channel detection and control, using the latest mechatronics control and drive technology. Multiple groups of sensors control the entrance and exit through the glass door wing, and authorized legal personnel can pass through without any hindrance without individual inspection, reject unauthorized passage, and provide high-quality entrance and exit control. The tripod turnstile is a kind of equipment in the intelligent channel that is economical, has strong anti-following ability, takes up a small channel, and has low installation environment requirements.
The intelligent swing gate is the more economical, strong anti-tailing ability, and the most streamlined structure among the channel management equipment. equipment. DRTD6607 series is a mechatronics half-height intelligent swing gate with simple appearance and reasonable design. Smart swing gate is an intelligent channel management equipment for non-contact channel detection and control. It adopts the latest mechatronics control and drive technology. Multiple sets of sensors realize the control of the entrance and exit through the glass door. The device cooperates with the access control controller. Using, authorized legal personnel can pass smoothly without any hindrance, without having to individually accept inspections and refuse unauthorized passage, thereby providing high-quality access control.

Installation Example

The Tripod turnstile gate is mainly suitable for occasions with relatively large traffic. The maximum channel width of the three-roller gate can reach 550mm, so the three-roller gate is only suitable for passing people and not suitable for the passage of non-motorized vehicles. The appearance of the three-roller gate is relatively large. Monotonous, but its practicality can be said that compared with the other two types of turnstiles, the price-performance ratio of the three-roller turnstile is the best. Of course, wing gates and swing gates are also good. Secondly, wing gates are mainly used in some places where the appearance requirements are relatively high, and in some high-end occasions, wing gates cannot be used alone, and must be composed of two or more sets of channels. The maximum channel composed of two wing gates is 550mm, generally It is also only allowed to pass by. If you have used a wheelchair or luggage, you can also use another extended flexible wing gate. Passers can push wheelchairs and large luggage to pass through like a subway wing gate. The wing gate is convenient and stylish. Be sought after by the majority of customers. The price/performance ratio is relatively neutral among the three models, because the price is twice as high as the three-roller gate. In addition, swing gates are mainly used in some communities or factories for passing people and non-motorized vehicles. The advantage of swing gates is that their passage width is relatively wide, and the maximum can reach 1800mm, which is very suitable for comparison at the gates of communities or factories. In narrow places, in order to save space and pass safety, a doorway is divided into motor vehicle passage and non-motor vehicle passage. Compared with three-roller gate and wing gate, you will feel that the swing gate is the most suitable place for the community or factory. But otherwise the swing gate has a larger swing arm space, so it runs slower than the other two models, and the maintenance rate is higher than that of the three-roller wing gate.

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