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What is the troubleshooting methods for common faults of swing turnstile gate power failure

Due to the unstable power supply or power failure, there may be some small faults in the swing gate, causing the swing gate to not work normally. Here we have summarized several troubleshooting methods for common failures of the swing gate power failure, hoping to help you.

Fault 1: After the power failure, the swing gate turnstile does not work and stops moving.

1. Check whether the voltage of the dry battery is normal (the voltage is not lower than DC9V);
2. Check whether the gate circuit is loose or unsoldered;
3. Detect the voltage output (DC12V) of the MA and MB terminals of the CON1 terminal, and judge that the control board of the swing gate is damaged.

Fault 2: After the power is turned off, the swing arm of the swing gate is not running normally, the swing arm is not limited, and the swing arm is reversed after the power is restored.

1. Detect the battery voltage (not lower than DC9V);
2. Check whether the line is loose or unsoldered, and check the voltage output (DC12V) of the MA and MB terminals of the CON1 terminal of the power-off control board, otherwise the power-off control board will be damaged;
3. Detect the left and right open limit photoelectric switches and the main board respectively. (see 1.)
4. The gap of the movement is too large, which causes the swing arm to shake and move the light blocking plate. After the swing gate is powered on, the limit signal is not detected first, which causes the motor to reverse. Use a dark opaque object to cut off the optocoupler on the limit photoelectric switch and it will be normal.

The above are two common troubleshooting methods after the power outage of the swing gate, I hope to help you. If there is a failure of the swing gate, it is best to directly contact the manufacturer's technician for help.

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