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How is Wing turnstile with card access work for metrol station ticket checking system

Metro automatic ticket checking
The Wing turnstile with card access is installed between the paid area and the non-paid area of the subway station to provide fast passing services for passengers. The ticket checking machine can accept non-contact one-way IC truck tickets and automatic checking of stored-value tickets. For valid tickets, the ticket gate allows passengers to pass through, and the outbound ticket gate can collect non-contact one-way IC truck tickets.
The main modules of the automatic ticket gates are composed of: main control unit, card reader, ticket card recovery box, channel logic control board (I/O), direction indicator, warning light, alarm device (speaker), passenger display, channel sensor , Maintenance board, door module, power supply module, uninterruptible power supply.
When an emergency occurs, the gate of the ticket gate is controlled by the emergency button to ensure that passengers pass the gate without obstruction; the gate of the ticket gate opens automatically when the power is cut off
It has the functions of passenger flow records in and out of stations, blacklist usage records and information output;
High-reliability sensor control logic monitors the passing behavior of passengers, and can automatically identify adults and children;
The channel mode (two-way, one-way, normally open, normally closed) can be conveniently set according to the passenger flow;
Have the ability to work offline and save data;
A variety of friendly information display (channel indication, ticket information display, alarm sound and light prompt);
Check the ticket status at any time, and print various reports in real time according to user requirements;
Both online and offline can be used, centralized control of ticket checking work;
With self-test, self-diagnosis, and automatic alarm functions.
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